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Convenient & Fast EV Options

By 2030, the US expects that up to 52% of all vehicles sold will be electric, fuel cell, or electric hybrid vehicles. As the demand for Electric vehicles increases, the demand for a convenient charge at home will also increase. Whether you own or are looking to purchase a Tesla, Hyundai, Audi, Nissan, or Chevy, you can rest assured knowing charging is a UNIVERSAL standard for all electric vehicles regardless of the make or brand. This means your home EV install charger for your current vehicle will also be sufficient for your next EV purchase as well!

Trust 4th Generation Electric to install your home EV charger. As your complete electrical services company, we look at your home’s overall electrical in addition to the install. We can help make sure you have the power to charge one or more EV’s as quickly as possible. We have multiple chargers available from top brands, including Generac, Wallbox, Tesla, and Chargepoint, so you can select the charger that fits your needs. We will take care of your home EV installation from start to finish with utmost respect and exceptional care, just as if it were our own home.

Questions Safety Factors to Consider

  • What is the existing power demand on your electrical service?
  • Is there enough capacity for the additional power demand? Review the chart above to verify your charging and mileage needs
  • Will the addition of a car charger cause potential overload conditions to existing electrical service?
  • Are you supporting multiple EV cars to charge simultaneously? 

Power Management/Sharing for Multiple Car Chargers

  • Power Management makes it possible for homeowners to meet demand and charge more than one EV at home without making major electrical upgrades.
  • Instead of installing additional physical electrical capacity like new circuits, panels or transformers, Power Management software dynamically shares existing power across more charging spots to charge more vehicles. 
  • Each vehicle may charge at a slightly slower rate, but a larger number of vehicles get to charge
  • Because Power Management never exceeds the rated capacity of a circuit, panel or site, it is completely safe for your building’s electrical infrastructure and for your drivers.
  • Real-time network communications make sure that our stations operate within the stated electrical load allowance for a site.

Smart EV Charging Technology Made Simple

Wallbox Pulsar Plus offers the best of both small size and powerful performance for faster electric vehicle charging at home. Pulsar Plus can charge any electric car on the market today and is future-ready to handle tomorrow’s more powerful EV batteries. The myWallbox app allows you to control your charger from your smart devices via WiFi or Bluetooth.

Installing Your New Charger

When considering installing a charger for an electrical vehicle, many factors need to be addressed to ensure your safety and convenience of the charging process. EV charging can add a substantial increase to your home electrical service, however, there are multiple options to meet the safety, convenience, and budget goals. Our primary focus is to ensure we meet these goals and that you are fully informed of the options and different charging processes.

Offering The Best EV Options

We are ready to SAFELY meet your Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging needs! When considering EV charging, the following table will provide an estimate of charging mileage per hour, per the circuit rating.

Circuit Rating Max Load Estimated Range
Per Hour Charge
Plug In Hardwire
50A 40A 30 Miles Yes Yes
40A 32A 25 Miles Yes Yes
30A 24A 18 Miles No No
20A 16A 12 Miles No No

Note: These calculations are based on Chargepoint ratings, manufacture ratings might be slightly different depending on make and model.

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